Iran Fahim Oil product carrier

This tanker was launched on and currently the commissioning process is ongoing for the several system of the vessel such as piping, electrical systems, telecommunications & mechanicals, and the vessel is preparing for sea trial tests.

The highlight of this particular project is that installation of the propulsion system is done with the minimum allowance tolerances and this accomplishment has been made by the hand of Iranian experts, engineers & technicians for the first time.

Knowing that all of the similar tasks have been done by the foreign experts in the past, makes this accomplishment bold & glowing in the Iranian marine industries.

This project is the heaviest (weight) vessel which has been constructed in the ISOICO shipyard.

[tabs title=”” type=””][tab title=”Accommodation”]Loading capacity is 35,000 tons and this tanker is capable of carrying any kind of oil products including acids & alcohol during the transportation. 16 separate & isolate compartments & tanks with the independent pumping systems for each are designed to load or discharge the cargo from the tanker.

Technical specifications

11640 Kw
:Main engine power
Design water line
oil product carrier
:Engine brand
30 people
1 set
:No. of engine
45,300 m3
Total cargo capacity volume
3 sets
:No. of generators
21325 m3
Total ballast capacity volume
8815 tons
:Light weight
12 nautical miles
:Cruising speed
Height to main deck
BV-Iranian classification society
No. of superstructure floors
Height to top of the super structure

National Iranian Tanker Company. (NITC)]