Iran Kashan container ship

This is the third ocean going vessel project that ISOICO constructed & launched successfully in his shipyard. By the official statements of client the quality of construction of this vessel is better than the similar projects which had been accomplished in oversea shipyards.

All the phases of this project including design engineering construction harbor tests & commissioning is accomplished by the Iranian & ISOICO experts, engineers & technicians


This project divides in to 29 systems & 300 sub system & work packages including 50,000 Dia-Inch piping, 65Km cabling, 450Km welding and etc.

Current status of the project is to carry out commissioning of the several systems such as piping, electrical, mechanical & telecommunication systems to initiate the sea trial tests & procedures in the soonest possible time frame.

Technical specifications

17,000 Kw
:Main engine power
Design water line
container carrier
:Engine brand
2200 TEU
24 people
1 set
:No. of engine
866 TEU
Cargo holds capacity
3 sets
:No. of generators
1322 TEU
:Deck capacity
9502 tons
:Light weight
21 nautical miles
:Cruising speed
Height to main deck
GL classification society
No. of superstructure floors
Height to top of the super structure

Employer: Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL)